Three Romanians thieves who had been terrorising shopkeepers in Chania were finally arrested

Rainbow choir in Milatos, Interfaith group in Chania, free dance courses in Heraklion, evangelical mass in German language in Heraklion

Greek consumers pay far more for their food than other Europeans

Full moon eclipse visible from Crete Greece

The Minister of Tourist Development, Mrs Fani Palli Petralia, stated in her 2007 budget speech that there were 16 million tourist arrivals in Greece in 2006, with profits of about 12 million euros, an all-time record.

sailing yacht in aegean sea
The yachting sector has boomed in Greece in recent years, with good prospects of further development. Greece is considered one of the first Mediterranean countries to have seen a yachting boom

Greek online supermarket in Germany sells Greek products like Greek olive oil, dolmades, wine, ouzo, Greek coffee cups

Desperate Thief in Heraklion stole handbag

The wreck of the SS Imperatrix. Imperatrix, an Austro Hungarian Lloyds Steam Ship was driven during a severe storm on the rocks of Elafonissi in western Crete on the night of 21/22 February 1907

A team of Korean technocrats has visited Tymbaki again in order to inspect the area in which they are planning to build the new harbour of the south

7 proposals for the development of the Omalos Plateau in Crete

alekos mykoniatis
Alekos Mykoniatis, the owner, editor and director of Heraklion local newspaper

The contract for the construction of the road axis to bypass Malia and Stalis has been signed

Fishermen in the waters off Bali near Rethymnon were shocked when their nets brought up a rare shark measuring 3.5 metres

archenoah chania
Noah's Ark is a home for stray animals in the countryside outside Chania

The development of Crete means different things to different people. Reading various articles on the development of Crete, some overoptimistic and others pessimistic, various thoughts occur to me as to what we consider development of a place

DEI, the Public Power Corporation of Greece has approved the six-year Operating Programme (2007-2012) for major investment in renewable energy sources,especially in wind farms

In the dogs eyes humans are superior dogs, your dog sees you as a strange dog standing on two legs and with three heads