150,000 tonnes of cheap bulk wine is imported to Greece from countries outside the European Union

A farmers' market for certified organic produce has been held in Georgiadis Park near Heraklion town centre

The Palace of Knossos and the works of Domenikos Theotokopoulos have been included in the European Cultural Heritage List

Thieves undertook an illegal excavation in the Roman Cemetery of ancient Lyttos in Crete last week, digging for antiquities in several places

Sweets from olives like Sweet olive preserve, olive and lemon jam, spicy olive tapenade dip and olive paste, are all produced by 27-year-old Calliope Palkopoulou and her family in Greece and exported to the US, Japan, Germany and the UK

A new book by archaeologist Yannis Sakellarakis entitled

Scandinavian tourists are the biggest spenders outside hotels on holiday in Greece

The oldest wine in Europe is Greek, shows a study by Greek archaeologists published in

The decision not to open part of Heraklion Archaeological Museum until August 2007 is a serious blow to tourism and the local economy of Crete

Desertification in Crete is a direct threat, as 50% of the land in Crete and 35% of the land in Greece is at high risk of desertification

168 members of parliament from all parties of Greece have signed a petition for the preservation, conservation and promotion of Idzedin Fortress in Chania Prefecture in Crete

Cretan fishermen occasionally catch strange pufferfish in their nets, which have the scientific name of Lagocephalus sceleratus

Teaching schoolchildren about Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and energy saving is the main aim of the EDURES (Education and RES) programme implemented in Cretan schools

Summer jobs in Crete and other tourist areas in Greece attract an influx of workers who spend anywhere from 2 to 8 months working on Crete in tourist related services

A new tourist golf village will be built near Vai and the Monastery of Toplou in the area of Kavo Sidero in east Crete

The Crete Network of Environmental Non-Governmental Eco groups,