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June 2010

preveli forest burned
The famous Palm forest of Preveli in Crete burned by wildfires
, an environmental tragedy in south Crete.

municipal dog shelter heraklion
Dog Shelter in Heraklion
, the inauguration of the Municipal Dog Shelter of Heraklion took place recently in Foinikia area in Heraklion

tomato salad in ierapetra tomato war
The largest salad of the world in Ierapetra
, the people of Ierapetra will soon try to break the Guinness record for the largest Greek salad in the world

picture with sunset in crete
Pictures with sunsets in Crete and the Cretan sky
, a selection of the finest pictures from the Flickr photo albums

ancient graves in chania
60 ancient graves in Chania
were recently excavated and revealed more secrets of the city’s history

casa dei mezzo music festival crete
7th Casa dei Mezzo in Makrygialos Crete
, an international classical and greek music festival in southern Crete

restoration of ancient greek statues
Restoration of ancient Greek statues in Acropolis
with laser developed in Crete by the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser

greek wines survey
Greeks prefer wine
, according to a recent survey, Greeks prefer drinking wine, especially bottled red wine

greek gemista stuffed vegetables
Greek recipe for gemista
, an easy recipe for gemista or yemista, the popular, healthy, vegetarian Greek dish with stuffed vegetables

cat cora tastes the local cuisine in chania crete
Cat Cora in Chania
, the famous chef of the American TV visited Chania and was impressed by the local cuisine

March 2010

bishop eirinaios galanakis kissamos kastelli
Eirinaios’ Museum in Kissamos
, a new museum dedicated to Eirinaios Galanakis, the Metropolitan Bishop of Kissamos

kritsa free wireless internet
Wireless Internet in Kritsa
, in Spring 2010 the residents of the village of Kritsa will have free wireless Internet

heraklion airport
Charitable offer by Heraklion Airport
, what happens to the thousands of objects which are left at Heraklion Airport daily

the island book by victoria hislop
TV series “The Island” filmed in Spinalonga
, the bestseller book about the leper colony on the island of Spinalonga in Crete will become a Greek TV series

hospice hostel in chania
The first hospice hostel in Crete will begin operating near Chania within 2010.

carnival parade in sitia 2010
Carnival in Sitia
, the 2010 Carnival Parade in Sitia featured 18 groups and almost a thousand dressed up participants

the statue of europe
The statue of Europe
, an artwork intending to denote the strong bonds between Crete and Europe, will be presented this coming Easter in Zakros

lahanodolmades recipe
Lahanodolmades Recipe
. Staffed cabbage rolls with meat and rice, is one of the most popular Greek dishes

December 2009

swine flu in greece
Swine flu in Greece
, the latest news about swine flu in Greece and an alternative plan to fight the new virus

students from chania travelled to strasbourg
Students from Chania travelled to Strasbourg
and participated in the “Euroscola” program organized by the European Council

free camping in crete
Free camping in Crete
is synonymous to enjoying nature. Is free camping good for nature and under what conditions?

christmas bazaar in hersonissos
Invitation to the 2009 Christmas Bazaar in Hersonissos, which will take place on December 13th, 2009

lamb fricassee recipe
Lamb Fricassee
is a very popular and tasty Greek food, a recipe you absolutely need to try, if you haven’t already tasted it in Greece.

protest against animal tortures
A protest against animal torture by the cosmetics industry was organized in Chania by the local Animal Protection Association

shepherd feast zoniana
The Shepherd’s feast in Zoniana is an initiative of the people of this mountain village in Crete, who wish to denote their region and customs

greek christmas guide
Greek Christmas guide
– What you need to know about celebrating Christmas in Greece

greek name days on christmas
Greek Name Days on Christmas, New Year Day and Epiphany
, find out which of your Greek friends celebrate their name day during the Christmas holiday period

November 2009

solar energy in crete
Solar energy comes to Crete
with the largest thermosolar plant in Europe.

american greeks in florida
American – Greeks in Florida
keep their love to Greece with festivals Orthodox churches, Greek schools and music.

pan european day of birds in lake bramian
Celebration of the Pan – European Day of Birds in Crete. The events at Lake Bramiana and Lake Agia.

outdoor activities for children in crete
Outdoor activities for children
on the mountains of Crete and Central Greece by the Alpine Club of Chania

no to barrel dogs living in crete
No to barrel dogs in Crete agreed the animal friends and the stock breeders in Chania.

canoe kayak races in lake kournas
Canoe Kayak races in Lake Kournas
by the Nautical Club of Chania.

forestation at lake bramiana
Forestation at Lake Bramiana
by the Ecological Group of Ierapetra on November 15, 2009.

free camping in crete
No to free camping in Greece
by the Association of Camping Site Owners in Crete.

October 2009

earthquakes in crete
Earthquakes in Crete
are frequent and the people of Crete have learned how to live with them.

intzedin fortress in chania
Intzedin Fortress in Chania,
the people of Souda demand the restoration of this important monument in their area.

camping in greece
Free camping in Greece
sounds great if you consider the thousands of beaches in Crete and the Greek islands.

italian sailing ship at heraklion port
The Italian sailing ship Americo Vespucci. The pride of the Italian Navy arrived at the Heraklion Port on the 5th of September.

exhibition of paintings with motorbikes in rethymnon
Exhibition of paintings with motorbikes and cars in Rethymnon
by the painter Konstantinos Kostoulas

measures for stray dogs in heraklion
Measures for stray dogs
by the Heraklion City authorities.

eleftherios venizelos car
The Car of Eleftherios Venizelos
is on exhibition, still bearing bullet-marks from the attempts on Venizelos’ life.

georgalidika horses in kissamos
Georgalidika horses in Kissamos
, an event held in honour of the Cretan horse with the unusual three-legged pace.

pupils travel free to the new acropolis museum
Free tickets for Greek pupils
from Crete and other Greek islands in order to visit the new Acropolis Museum.

greek tequila of amorgos
Greek tequila of Amorgos
is a drink made from the prickly pears which exist in abundance in Greece.

September 2009

old olive tree in crete
Saving the Olive trees in Crete
– A Documentary about the old Olive trees in Crete

chalepa or halepa venizelos house
Chalepa or Halepa
is considered until today one of the most picturesque districts of Chania.

ecotourism and traditional guest houses in crete
Ecotourism and traditional guest houses in Crete
, do they serve the real meaning of ecotourism?

full moon sky in crete
Gazing at the starry sky in Crete
, observation of the night sky with the full moon in Chania

souvlaki and greek salad recipes
Greek cuisine, souvlaki and Greek salad recipes
. A tasty trip to Greece cuisine, through Greek salad recipes and Souvlaki recipes.

Teach your dog not to cry
when it is left alone in the house.

touts outside of bars and restaurants in crete
Complaints against touts in bars and restaurants in Crete
, the annoying way of attracting customers by the bar and restaurant owners in Crete

chalepa in chania
Chalepa, a neighborhood of many changes
, how Chalepa has changed from a farming community to an urban suburb in Chania city

crete beaches
Crete beaches
through the eyes of Kleo, a 10-year-old child.

warning for travelers to crete
Warnings for travelers to Crete
on the Crete Gazette forum. Useful information and warnings for travelers in Crete

greek names
Greek Names
is a blog that aims at collecting popular or less common names you can find in Greece.

August 2009

azogires village
Azogires, an eerie village in Western Crete with haunted houses, flying cows and a pool where Naiades ferries steal the voice of humans at midnight.

caretta caretta
A fisherman near Chania saved a Caretta – Caretta sea turtle, one of the endangered species in the Meditteranean Sea.
photo meeting at heraklion
120 photographers from 30 countries participated In the International Photo Meeting in Heraklion, organized by the Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete.

Crete On The Web: Greek Songs – Greek Music & A blog for Santorini

chania cultural events

This summer is rich in cultural events all over Crete:

July 2009

smoking ban in greece
July 1, 2009: no smoking in public places in Greece
. Although Greeks are among the heaviest smokers in Europe, 60% of them approve the new anti-smoking law.

Greek tourism is down due financial crisis
Tourism in Greece is down
due to the international financial crisis. An 11% drop in arrivals at the Greek airports was recorded in May 2009.

Koilaris river in Chania
Koiliaris River
is one of the eco rich and impressive rivers in the Apokoronas area in Chania, that falls to the beach in Kalyves town.

cheap holidays in crete
Cheap holidays in Crete
are easy. Read Sue’s tips for cheap holidays, that will allow you to see more, learn more and have a better time in Crete.

fake room reservations in chania hotels with fake credit cards
Fake room reservations in hotels in Chania
. A number of frauds related to credit cards and cheques have been discovered in Chania.

sfakia medical motorboat
Medical help by sea in Sfakia
, a medical motorboat based in Hora Sfakion will provide medical help in emergencies in Loutro, Lykos and Agia Roumeli.

nikos engonopoulos painting at surrealist painting exhibit in chania
Greek surrealist paintings in Chania.
The exhibition at the Chania Municipal Art Gallery will be open until August 21.

tour guide kostis soros of malles
Kostis Sorros, the 80-years-old tourists’ guide in Crete
. If you visit Malles in south-east Crete, Mr. Sorros will help you to discover the beauty of his homeland.

cheap car hire in crete
What happens when you are looking for cheap car hire in Crete? Is it possible that very cheap prices will compromise quality services?

Crete on the web,
useful and interesting articles from blogs and sites about Crete

June 2009

cyclists protest against the lack of bicycle roads
Cyclists in Greece protest
against the lack of bicycle roads and paths in the country and demanding better quality of life for everyone.

from crete to australia by bicycle
A bicycle tour from Crete to Australia
was accomplished by a Greek woman, Eirini Kokkinaki and her Swiss partner, Fabian Quiblier.

traditional naval architecture at the nautical museum of crete
The Traditional Naval Architecture Exhibition
at the Nautical Museum of Crete has been open to the public since April 1st and its major exhibit is the Minoan Ship.

police authorities in malia and hersonissos
The Police authorities in Malia and Hersonissos in Crete will try to reduce the problems with the tourists using the same successful patrol plan as last year.

greece is considering banning circuses with perfoming animals
Greece is considering banning Circuses with performing animals
. The issue aroused after the appearance of a cruel video on YouTube.

having a dog is good for your health
Having a dog is good for your health
People having a pet have less stress, they feel less lonely and find comfort with the pet.

crete photographic society
The Crete Photographic Society founded and established the Cretan School of Photography, demonstrating the creativity and dedication to this art.

passenger screening at the airports in crete for swne flu
Passenger screening at the Airports in Crete for Swine Flu
. Thermal imaging cameras were recently installed at the Heraklion Airport, and the Chania Airport.

a trip to frangokastello in sfakia
A trip to Frangokastello in Sfakia
Southern Crete. A short vacation in the area of Sfakia to see the famous Frangokastello fortress and the Drosoulites ghosts.

finding bernand miller in crete
Finding Bernard Miller in Crete
. Mike Rook hopes to find his friend Bernard Miller in Crete, and hopefully his research will result in a great reunion.

santorini volcano eruption
The fate of Thera
, a short sci-fi story about the last moments on the island of Santorini (Thera) before the eruption of the volcano.

Crete on the web,
useful and interesting articles from blogs and sites about Crete.

May 2009

no golf village in sitia crete
No Golf Village in Sitia Crete
, the Supreme Court of Greece accepted the plea of the Cretan environmental organizations annulling the plans for the golf village in Eastern Crete.

crete aquarium
Crete Aquarium
became even more magical and impressive after a full restoration carried out over the past months.

no mobile phones in kissamos
No Mobile Phones in Kissamos
for two weeks due to legal actions by the Municipality and Ecologists in Kissamos.

my life in ruins
My Life in Ruins
, new movie with Nia Vardalos, the star of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. My life in Ruins is set among the ruins of Ancient Greece.

agioi apostoloi park
The park in Agioi Apostoloi
, a popular sport venue in Chania. The park in Agioi Apostoloi is a perfect location for outdoor activities.

olive grove in crete
An Olive Grove in Crete featuring age long olive trees, thanks to the efforts of the owners to preserve the historical olive trees in their land.

Crete on the web,
useful and interesting articles from blogs and sites about Crete.

April 2009

homeless in greece
Homeless in Greece
exist in abundance. Homeless and poor people exist in every city in Greece, even in Heraklion and Chania.

car thefts in greece
Car thefts in Greece
are not uncommon. According to the police, three cars are stolen every one hour in Greece.

mt mela icon of panagia
Panagia and the olive tree
, the importance of Virgin Mary and the olive tree in the lives of Greeks abroad.

crete sun and tourists
Sun and Sea attract tourists to Crete, s
un and sea are the two main symbols of Greece and Crete attracting thousands of tourists every year.

sitia olive oil
Chinese sell olive oil called ‘Sitia’
ignoring the fact that the oil producers of Crete have the exclusive copyright of the name.

olive trees
Save the ancient olive trees in Crete
, the cultural association of Venerato seeks cooperation to save the olive trees in Crete.

elephants and hippos in crete
Elephants and hippos moved to Crete
during the ice age 540,000 years ago from the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece.

properties in greece for sale
Properties in Greece remain unsold.
Especially in Crete, the purchase of holiday properties is reduced by 50-55%.

pizza in cretePizza in Zaros, who feels like having a pizza in Zaros, a mountain village in Crete? It sounds absurd, as if saying let’s have “Sushi at Anogia”!

March 2009

greek mother
Greek Mother
, what is the role of the Greek woman – mother today and how does she bring her children up.

telephone conversation
Amusing Conversation of a Greek Mother and Daughter

souda carnival
The Souda Carnival, was back after a 10-year break and it was celebrated in a festive frenzy of fun, with a grand parade with 10 floats and carnival-goers young and old.

traditional greek mother
The Greek Mother Hen, the traditional Greek Mother still exists and is represented by mothers over 40 years of age.

greek woman
Greek women in numbers
, Greek Women comprise 50% of a total population of 11 million in Greece.

tourists in crete
Under 2 million tourists in Crete this year.

February 2009

Rethymnon Carnival 2009, The Rethymnon Carnival is here again

Agios Yakinthos, the Saint of Love in Crete and the Yakinthia festival in Anogia

A song for Heraklion, a city that torments and confuses its people, but it may also enchant those who get to know it better.

– The honey mountain, an English beekeeper visits a mountain in Greece where fifty thousand hives have been brought by the people of Crete for the honey flow

– The Greek real estate market, according to the indicators, is safe and stable.

Greek Noses not appreciated in Greece. Over 15,000 plastic surgeries are performed each year in Greece, with nose jobs being the most popular type


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January 2009

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Ode to a Cretan Urge, the big bold Cretan adventure of Nan and Jon.

Don’t forget Sitia, a little, beautiful town tucked away in the Eastern corner of Crete.

Hersonissos Christmas Bazaar, the women of Hersonissos sold pastries and hand-made gifts to collect money for charity.


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