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traditional village

Ecotourism and Traditional Guest Houses in Greece

Ecotourism and traditional guest houses in Crete and Greece have become popular recently. Ecotourism helps the environment and supports the locals, however the high prices for accommodation in traditional guest houses and hotels in Greece is not according to the spirit of ecotourism

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Azogires, the X-Files village in Crete

Azogires, the X-Files village in Crete. Azogires is known for its supernatural occurrences, like haunted houses, flying cows, the 98 holy fathers that became doves after their death, the naiades pool in Azogires

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frangocastello in south crete

Trip to Frangokastello in Sfakia area in Southern Crete

A trip to Frangokastello in Sfakia Southern Crete. The name, Frangokastello, is from the label, Franks, referring to Catholics, and was not meant in a kind way. The historical fortress of Frangocastello was built by the Venetians about 1374 A.D

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Photography in Crete


The Crete Photographic Society carries the official title of Hellenic (Greek) Photographic Society of Crete. It is a branch of the Greek Photographic Society and it has founded the Cretan School of Photography, demonstrating the creativity and dedication to the art of photography, spotlighting Crete both in Greece and internationally


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