Casino in Crete

It seems that the phrase “major Chinese company expresses interest in new investments in Crete”, is one we’ll be hearing more and more often. According to Nea Kriti newspaper, a Chinese multinational is interested in opening a casino in the Heraklion area, in the municipality of Nea Alikarnassos near the airport. The company has had its eye on the municipality, as a suitable location for a new casino, for a year. It is no coincidence that a 12-year ban on the opening of new casinos in Greece is about to end in a few months’ time.

Crete is considered one of the best areas for similar investments in Greece, as its economy is stronger than in other parts of the country, and also due to tourism. However, local organisations and individuals are worried that the creation of a casino in Crete will have a devastating effect on local society. They state that tourism will scarcely benefit, while local people will rush to try their luck and lose money at the roulette tables and fruit machines – at least at first.

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