Greeks work hard

According to a EUROSTAT report, Greeks work far more than many other Europeans. Greeks aged 15-64 work 42.4 hours a week, Czechs 42.8 hours while the Dutch only 31.4 hours and Danes 35.6 hours.

In Greece, 74.5 of men and 46.2 of women are employed. Only 4.8% of Greeks are employed part-time, while the average for the rest of Europe is 18.5%. Most part-time workers in Greece are women.

Finally, unemployment in Greece affects mainly women (15.3%), while it is significantly lower for men, at 5.9%. The corresponding European averages are 9.8% for women and 8.4 % for men. Total unemployment in Greece is 9.8%, compared to the European average of 9.1%


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