Crete News April 2006

news from Crete for April 2006

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Crete News for March 2006 by CreteGazette

Events in Crete in April 2006

Exhibitions at the Historical Museum of Crete, Easter Celebration in Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos, Evangelical Mass in Heraklion, Tango nights in Heraklion

Crete, April 2036

A glance into the future of Crete in April 2036

CANDIA – KPHTH the time and the place

Crete - KPHTH is an exhibiton with Venetian maps of Crete at the Historic Museum of Heraklion

Apokries – Carnival Traditions in Crete by Nikos Psilakis

Nikos Psilakis spoke on the rituals, traditions and food connected to Carnival and Apokries in Crete

The New Port in Tymbaki

The Minister of Mercantile Marine Mr. Manolis Kefaloyiannis, announced that all the preliminary studies for the new port in Tymbaki in the south of Crete have been completed

Arts and Crafts in Rethymnon

A former warehouse in central Rethymnon is home to The Centre for Cretan Popular Arts, and the organization which steers it, called the Association of Artists and Craftspeople of Rethymnon

International Prayers Day in Crete

The International Prayers Day in Ierapetra in southern Crete in March 2006

Letters to the Editor April 2006

April 2006 Dear Yannis, Thanks for daring to raise a voice of protest about the ‘development’ in this area. As an expatriate lover of Crete, and...

Dimitris Karagianakis and his Cretans

Dimitris Karayiannakis produces pen-and-ink drawings of Cretan life and he transfers images of Crete and its people to paper

Gypsies of Greece

Gypsies of Greece by Anna Lydaki. Anna Lydaki has done field work in areas where Gypsies live in Greece and she has written the books Non Gypsies and Gypsies, The Gypsies of Ano Liosia and Gypsies in the City

Gypsies of Crete through a foreigner’s eyes

greek gypsies
I have no Gypsy friends in Crete. Those Gypsies I've seen, in Greece and elsewhere, have been passing phantoms, the fortune telling, flower selling strangers

Michalis, the Baker of Georgioupolis

Michalis Tichonov, the baker of Georgioupolis works in the traditional bakery of Georgioupolis