Dimitris Karagianakis and his Cretans

Dimitris Karagiannakis drawing

Dimitris Karayiannakis was one of the pleasant surprises of the exhibition in Rethymnon. The artist produces pen-and-ink drawings of Cretan life, full of detail and humour. He transfers images of Crete and its people to paper, in such a way as to make the viewer an eyewitness to the scene taking place before him. There is also a strong note of gentle satire, full of love and with no intention of insulting or humiliating people.

Dimitris Karayiannakis is a simple man, smiling and completely free of conceit. Drawing is a favourite hobby of his, and he gives his work away to friends and acquaintances. He was born in Moschato in Attica, but his roots are from Amari in Rethymnon. He is a self-taught artist, plays guitar in a country rock band, and designs and builds aeroplane models. His work is also in the same field: he is a furniture and architectural designer.

We hope that Dimitris will continue to entertain us with his Cretans and pleasantly surprise us with the quality of his work.

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