A Scottish groom in Heraklion

A Scottish wedding in Heraklion

Can you imagine a Scot in traditional tartan kilt, jacket, sporran and long white woollen socks walking around Heraklion town centre? The protagonist of this true story dressed in traditional Scottish wedding costume to marry his beloved in front of the Deputy Mayor, friends, relations and surprised passers-by on the pavement of the 25th of August Street, outside the Loggia Town Hall.

The ceremony went off wonderfully, as both bride and groom were blissfully happy and couldn’t stop smiling. The Scottish couple had decided to confirm their relationship after several years of happy cohabitation, and chose Crete for the ceremony because they had often visited the island on holiday and had a great time there.

It seems that many foreign couples dream of getting hitched in Crete, combining the happy event with a holiday. The Deputy Mayor says that most weddings at the Town Hall, especially in the summer months, are between foreigners.

The Deputy Mayor stated that, “Wedding ceremonies are held at the Town Hall every Tuesday and Thursday, and an average of four to eight couples are married each week. Especially in the summer, most of the couples married at the Town Hall are from countries abroad rather than Greece. We have married Dutch, Swedish, British and German couples.” Marriage between members of EU member states is a relatively simple affair and the red tape is quickly dealt with.

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