Kissamos Archaeological Museum in West Crete

archaeological museum of kissamos
Kissamos in western Crete has finally found a place to house its archaeological treasures. The Kissamos Archaeological Museum is housed in Kissamos's Venetian Residence.

The port of Timbaki

The port of Timbaki, the vision of the Minister of Mercantile Marine, Emmanuel Kefaloyiannis, for Timbaki in southern Crete

Gift Shop In Kalives Crete

In Kalives there is the Cretan Gift Shop with Cretan ceramic earthenware, glassware, olive wood products and local fine art pieces, all handmade in Crete by local artists and crafts people

Eirineos, the new Archbishop of Crete

archbishop eirineos
Eirineos is the new Archbishop of Crete

Let the inhabitants decide on Timbaki port

I would like to add my own speculations to the discussion on the creation of the Timbaki international port

A Poem for Crete: The Wind Chimes of Kriti

Crete poem The Wind Chimes of Kriti by Eileen McLaughlin

Greece and Cyprus Pottery Exhibition

The Greece - Cyprus artistic pottery exhibition was held at the beginning of September in Heraklion Crete

No new taxes for 2007 in Greece

No new taxes for 2007 in Greece, Drop in Inflation rate for August in Greece

The Minoan harbour of Knossos

The Minoan harbour of Knossos has been excavated in Heraklion Crete

Threshing circles in Crete

The stone threshing circles must surely be among the best loved features of the agricultural landscape of Crete

Dermatos beach in Crete at risk

the beach of dermatos in crete
Dermatos beach in southern Crete, is at risk from campers who care little about the environment

The 12 young rulers from Byzantium

Cretan Nobility and the Legend of the 12 Young Rulers of Crete

Archbishop Timotheos passes away

archbishop timotheos of crete
Timotheos, the Archbishop of Crete passes away

Awards for innovative ideas

The Centre for Business and Technological Development of Crete awarded the best business ideas by school children

A Scottish groom in Heraklion

A Scottish wedding in Heraklion Crete

Rethymnon Hospital

The extension of the hospital of Rethymnon is expected to be completed by summer 2008

New Pastor for the Protestant Church of Crete

The Protestant congregation of Crete has now a new female pastor, Mrs. Malve Lehmann-Staecker

FORTH creates new robot in Crete

A new robot is the new achievement of the Computational Vision and Robotics Laboratory of the Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH) in Crete.