Three major robberies in Rethymnon in a month

Rethymnon robbery record for December 2006 is both embarrassing and worrying

robberyThere have been three major robberies since the beginning of the month:

  • At the Agia Fotini post office, south of Rethymnon
  • At the Agricultural Bank of Anoyia
  • At the Emporiki Bank in Kallithea, near Rethymnon town centre

The last robbery took place at 2 in the afternoon of December 21. Two men wearing motorcycle helmets and carrying Kalashnikovs entered the Emporiki Bank branch just before closing time. Inside the bank were two members of staff and a small child belonging to one of them. The culprits yelled “Robbery!”, immobilised the staff and took the cash from the till, before running off into a nearby alley. Fortunately no-one was hurt.

The police are investigating the matter but Rethymnon inhabitants are worried about the rise in crime and demand better and more intensive policing.

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