“El Greco” premiere in October

Yannis Smaragdis’ film “El Greco” will be shown in cinemas in October. Yannis Smaragdis has also directed “Cavafy”, a film on the life of poet Constantine Cavafy with worldwide success. 10 years later, Smaragdis has broken a new record, this time in Greece. His film “El Greco” is the largest and most expensive international-level production in the history of Greek cinema. Its subject is the great Greek artist Domenikos Theotokopoulos.

The film is now in the montage stage. The costly and difficult special effects are being realised abroad, in order to be ready in time for the Greek premiere on 18 October 2007, followed by showings at international festivals and cinemas worldwide. The film will be shown in Greece at over 100 cinemas.

The premiere will take place in Athens, following a special promotional showing in Heraklion in the two weeks previously, dedicated to all those who made this production on Domenikos Theotokopoulos possible.

The film stars Nick Ashdon as the great Cretan artist and Lakis Lazopoulos as his Cretan best friend. Talented Spanish actor Juan Diego Botto plays Inquisitor Nino de Guevara, while award-winning Laia Marull plays El Greco’s companion and Dimitra Matsouka plays the daughter of the Governor of Crete.

The cast also includes the great Greek comedian Sotiris Moustakas, Dina Consta, Katerina Helmi, Leda Protopsalti, Dimitris Kallivokas, George Christodoulou, George Charalambidis, Renos Charalambidis, Tassos Palantzidis, the young Thodoris Zoumboulidis, George Karamichos and others.

Cretan musicians Loudovikos ton Anoyion and Psarantonis, both close friends of the director, also appeared in the film, reinforcing the Cretan element.

The music of the film is the work of Oscar-winning Greek composer Vangelis Papathanasiou, while the directors of photography were Nikos Smaragdis in Crete and Aris Stavrou.

The film scenographers are Damianos Zafiris and Oriol Puig from Spain, and the 800 costumes were designed by Goya award-winning costume designer Lala Huete. The choreography is by Konstantinos Rigos.

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