Doctor’s Surgery in Keratokambos

Keratokambos in southern Crete has finally got its own District Surgery, something that local residents have been demanding for years.

Mr Savvas Petrakis, Chairman of the “Vigla”, Keratokambos Cultural Association said: “In recent years Keratokambos has undergone rapid development and there is a great need for infrastructure. The local population is growing, with a significant proportion of elderly people, so such an institution is extremely important for residents’ quality of life and the further development of Keratokambos.”

About four years ago, the Cultural Association and the local community started a campaign to get a District Surgery. At first a doctor came from the Viannos Health Centre but following local pressure and demands, work on the Surgery finally began. A district doctor has already arrived and started work.

“This is a real achievement for the area and important for the community. This is a chance for residents to see that people are taking an interest in our life and values, foremost of which is health”, said Mr Petrakis.

He himself, as Chairman, stresses that the Cultural Association is trying to contribute to local development, “so that there is a parallel promotion of local values and we don’t see Keratokambos as just a place to make money.”

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