Premiere for the “El Greco” Film

poster for film El Greco
The official Athens premiere of Iannis Smaragdis' film

The future of vineyards in Crete

The future of vineyards in Crete is uncertain and this year (2007), sultana production in Heraklion Prefecture will not exceed 1,500 tons. Tractors have already moved into many vineyards in Crete to prepare them for different crops

Tourism in Crete 2002-2007

Figures for tourism in Crete during 2002-2007 show a rise in the number of tourists from Russia, Cyprus, Lithuania and Slovenia, while fewer British and German tourists visit Crete every year

Archaeological findings on Gavdos

archaeologists in gavdos island
Archaeological findings on Gavdos prove that Gavdos has been constantly inhabited since the end of the Neolithic Period. This is the conclusion drawn from the archaeological survey carried out in the 1990s by the University of Crete and the 25th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities in Chania

Poverty threatens 21% of Greek population

empty wallets in greece
Poverty is one of the most basic problems Greece faces today. According to European Commission data poverty threatens 21% of Greek population

House Training your puppy

Every puppy needs to get house trained to prevent the dog from peeing in the house

In the Gypsy encampments in Chania

Gypsies in encampments in Chania are living in unacceptably unsanitary conditions. Four of the gypsies encampments have no electricity, Nerokourou being the only exception, while two camps have no water