Rethymnon Carnival 2008

The Rethymnon Carnival 2008 started on 15 February and the carnival events are ready to draw the whole town and most of Crete into an endless party, as the Rethymnon Carnival has been established for many years as the Carnival of Crete

Crack in the Venetian Harbour of Rethymnon

aerial photo of rethymnon harbour
An eight-metre fissure was discovered in the wall of the Venetian harbour of Rethymnon

Snow damage in Heraklion Prefecture

Snow damage in Heraklion, 2008 Animal husbandry, apiary and vegetable-growing are the sectors which suffered the most damage from the recent snows in Crete.Following the...

Tourist complaints in Crete

Tourists complaints in Crete mainly concern hotel bookings with travel agents and hotels that did not deliver value for money. Tourists complaints also concern rubbish on the beaches of Crete and the behaviour of taxi drivers

“Super granny” in Crete

68-year-old owner of a petrol station in Voni Crete, fought off an armed woman who tried to rob her

Dogs: About diarrhoea and fireworks

Dogs are afraid of fireworks The last time we got in touch through the Crete Gazette, I told you about my Greek friend Anna and...