Crete and tsunamis

tsunami wave
Strong earthquakes off the shore of Crete have created devastative tsunamis in the past. A tsunami early-warning system is being installed in the Mediterranean by UNESCO

Moscow – Heraklion direct flights

Moscow - Heraklion direct flights by Hellas Jet will begin in April 2008. Last year 80,000 Russian tourists visited Crete by charter flight to Heraklion

New Archaeological Museum of Chania

The new archaeological museum of Chania will be built in the Chalepa area. The new Chania museum will be a modern building designed by the architect Theofanis Bobotis

Observatory in Agios Stefanos in Crete

In Crete there is a new private observatory in Agios Stefanos, with 3 telescopes available for watching the night sky of Crete

Learning Dog Language

Understanding your dogs body language is essential for the good communication with your dog

Empyrrikios dance of Crete

The empyrrikios dance of Crete was discovered in Platania in Amari, and recently 600 visitors attended the first official presentation at Zoniana of the forgotten old empyrrikios dance

Giant lagana in Chania

A giant loaf of the flat Lenten bread called lagana was baked by the staff of the Kotsifakis Bakery in Chania

Halikoutes or Halikoutides in Crete

Halikoutes or Halikoutides are the African slaves and economic migrants who came to Crete from the 17th century onwards. Halikoutes founded the village Koum Kapi outside the walls of Chania

Heraklion Airport Arrivals for 2007

Heraklion Airport Charter Flights Arrivals for 2007 and 2006

Minoan Civilization in Manhattan

minoan civilization exhibition in Manhattan New York
Minoan Crete consisting of about 270 exhibits from Cretan museums was the largest exhibition on Minoan civilization ever organised in Manhattan USA.

The Battle Of Crete Remembered

On May 20, 2008, we will commemorate the 67th anniversary of the Battle of Crete; a battle fought by brave souls defending Crete from the German invasion

Weaving Carpets in Chania

Weaving carpets in Chania can be still seen in the narrow streets of the old town of Chania. Mihalis Manousakis makes a living by weaving carpets in his shop in Chania.

Cora Greenhill exhibition of photographs and drawings

Crete News by CreteGazette, the monthly newspaper of Crete

Blessing Of The Sheep in Crete

Blessing of the sheep is still happening in Crete on the day of Saint George in Asi Gonia. This day in Crete St. George is remembered, the shepherd is honored and his sheep are blessed.