2008 Christmas bazaar in Hersonissos

The Christmas Bazaar of the “Vritomartys” Chersonissos Women’s Association was held on Sunday 7 December 2008 in the main square of Hersonissos.

Dog Language – Part 2

Learning what does a barking dog mean, and the signals of the dogs tail

Comments on the Minoan Calendar theory

How convincing is the theory about the Minoan Calendar by Dr. Jack Dempsey?. Several people with good knowledge of Crete and its history write about the interesting theory of the Minoan Calendar

The Minoan Calendar

The Discovery & Demonstration of the Minoan Calendar by Dr. Jack DempseyImagine over 100 years of scientific digs into the foundations of Minoan Crete, and...

Nan’s Trip in Crete

loutro in crete
Nan is exploring Crete and together with her brother Jon they visit Frangokastello, Hora Sfakion, Loutro, the monastery of Arkadi, they walk Samaria gorge, they hiked to the top of Psiloritis and they met Sylvie who lives in a cave near Plakias

Don’t Forget Sitia

About Sitia, a little town in east Crete. Sitia has its own Venetian castle and a blue flag beach and it is located 1 hour drive past Agios Nikolaos