My Life in Ruins, new movie with Nia Vardalos

My life in Ruins is a new romantic comedy movie with Nia Vardalos, the star of My big fat Greek wedding, set in the archaeological sites of Greece. My life in Ruins fulfills a lifelong dream for Nia Vardalos to shoot a movie at her homeland, Greece

Crete Aquarium Sea World

Crete Aquarium became even more magical and impressive after a full restoration carried out over the past months. Crete Aquarium is also known as Thalassokosmos, meaning Sea World. Crete aquarium gives the chance for visitors to enjoy a full insight into the Mediterranean marine ecosystem

An Olive Grove in Crete Featuring Age Long Trees

An olive grove in Crete featuring age long olive trees, thanks to the efforts of the owners to preserve the historical olive trees in their land

No Mobile Phones in Kissamos for two weeks

Kissamos in Chania, Crete was a mobile-phones-free town for a couple of weeks. All mobile phones were out of service in Kissamos, as the antennas of all three carriers stopped operating for 15 days

No Golf Village In Vai in Crete

golf course
The project for a golf village near Vai and Sitia in Crete has been cancelled by the Supreme Court of Greece. This victory for the ecologists in Crete will be an obstacle to any development project that will threaten the natural habitat in Crete 

The park in Agioi Apostoloi, Chania

The park in Agioi Apostoloi is a popular sport venue in Chania, a place for the locals to come and enjoy their favourite sports along with friends. The park in Agioi Apostoloi is a perfect location for outdoor activities near Chania