The Fate of Thera

volcano erruption
The fate of Thera is a sci-fi story about the last moments on the island of Santorini before the eruption of the Santorini volcano and the destruction of civilization on Thera

Police Patrols in Malia

The Police authorities in Malia and Hersonissos in Crete will try to reduce the problems that occur during the summer months due to tourists and agitators using the same successful patrol plan as last year.

Exhibition at the Nautical Museum of Crete featuring the Minoan Ship

The Traditional Naval Architecture Exhibition at the Nautical Museum of Crete has been open to the public since April 1st. The major exhibit is the fully equipped Minoan Ship

Trip to Frangokastello in Sfakia area in Southern Crete

frangocastello in south crete
A trip to Frangokastello in Sfakia Southern Crete. The name, Frangokastello, is from the label, Franks, referring to Catholics, and was not meant in a kind way. The historical fortress of Frangocastello was built by the Venetians about 1374 A.D

Finding Bernard Miller in Crete

Finding Bernard Miller in Crete will be a mammoth task for Mike Rook who is trying to locate his friend in Crete. Bernard Miller and Mike Rook first met in Rhodesia during the 1970's

Greece will ban Circuses with performing animals

Greece is considering banning Circuses with performing animals. The issue aroused after the appearance of a cruel video on YouTube showing a trainer of a circus hitting an elephant on the head with a pole, violently and repeatedly

Passenger screening at the Airports in Crete for Swine Flu

Passenger screening at the Airports in Crete for Swine Flu. Heraklion airport and Chania airport in Crete are shielded against the swine flu; thermal imaging cameras were recently installed at the Heraklion Airport, and the Chania Airport

From Crete to Australia by bicycle

travelling by bicycle
A bicycle tour from Crete to Australia was accomplished by a Greek woman, Eirini Kokkinaki and her Swiss partner, Fabian Quiblier. They left Crete with their bicycles and after cycling for two years they reached Brisbane in Australia

Photography in Crete

The Crete Photographic Society carries the official title of Hellenic (Greek) Photographic Society of Crete. It is a branch of the Greek Photographic Society and it has founded the Cretan School of Photography, demonstrating the creativity and dedication to the art of photography, spotlighting Crete both in Greece and internationally

Cyclists protest in 33 cities in Greece

Cyclists in 33 cities in Greece protest against the lack of bicycle roads and paths in Greece and demand better quality of life for everyone. The Bicycle protest was very successful in Chania and Heraklion in Crete

Having a dog is good for your health

Having a dog is good for your health. People having a dog have less stress, they feel less lonely, they find comfort with the pet and their health is better