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Greek Photographic Society of Crete

The Crete Photographic Society carries the official title of Hellenic (Greek) Photographic Society of Crete. It is a branch of the Greek Photographic Society, it was founded in Heraklion in 1964 and has been fully operational since then, attracting local and international artists and organizing exhibitions, seminars, and events.

photo from crete by efi psilaki
Photo by Efi Psilaki

The founders of the Photographic Society of Crete were brought together due to their common love for the art of photography and they set as their goal the expansion and growth of the popularity of photography on the island of Crete. Although the few initial members organized their first meetings in private places or premises, a permanent building was finally found.

Since then, the Photographic Society of Crete managed to expand as well, attracting more members to its ranks. Members include everyone has been practicing the art of photography for years, as a hobby or entertainment, although most people work in different professions. Artistic photography is more than a hobby to them; it’s a passion and an art to practice and master.

The Photographic Society of Crete features a long and very interesting history involving events and exhibitions on the island of Crete. Numerous artists have participated in international contests gaining awards and recognition.

The Cretan School of Photography

photo of monk from Crete by Markoglou
Old Monk, photo by George Markoglou

The Photographic Society founded and established the Cretan School of Photography, demonstrating the creativity and dedication to this art.

The “Cretan School of Photography” has made an impact, spotlighting Crete both in Greece and internationally.

The Cretan School has many of black and white and colored portraits, mainly of elderly men and women on a dark background; portraits of laborers, workers, farmers, elder priests, all emphasizing the dramatic element.

Wrinkled faces bearing carved scars of time, with imposing eyes demonstrating feelings of pain, sorrow, happiness, and a sense of experience and wisdom, gallant, and proud.

Two gifted artistic photographers, Yorgos Markoglou and Manolis Antonakakis were the first to set the foundations; equally talented artists, Michalis Nikiforakis and later Kostas Koulatsoglou took over, establishing the Cretan School both nationally and internationally.

Activities of the Photographic Society of Crete

Seminars that run all year long, international events and exhibitions, and cultural exchanges with other countries are also among the activities of the Photographic Society of Crete. It is t always open to new members and artists. Individuals who want to learn the theory of photography and practice on drills and applications are encouraged to join the seminars and all educational programs for the art of photography.

The Photographic Society of Crete organizes excursions for avid photographers in order to take pictures of the everyday life in Crete, as well as the splendid natural setting of the island. The main goal is to celebrate and master the art of photography, bringing the artists together and helping them maintain good relationships by encouraging collaborations and new works.

The Hellenic Photographic Society in Crete features a large number of collections and photographs for display. The largest collection features 110 photographs and consists of the work of several artists from 1964 to the present.

For more information you can check the official website of the Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete.

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