Agios Nikolaos Summer Events 2009

Cultural Events at Agios Nikolaos, Lato 2009

Read the schedule for the cultural events Lato 2009 that take place in Agios Nikolaos and other villages in the region. The events that took place in July are not mentioned here.

Cultural Events in Agios Nikolaos in August 2009

Tuesday August 4th, Agios Nikolaos lake. Folk Oratorium “Axion Esti” with a German orchestra and choir, under the conduction of Maria Papagiannaki – Rouka. Organized by the Prefecture of Agios Nikolaos. Starting at 9.30pm. Free Entrance.

Thursday August 6th, Elounda – Katharo village. Feast of Jesus Christ.

Thursday August 6th, Lato Archaeological Site. Surprise Event for the Full Moon, at the archaeological site of Lato. Co-organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Cultural Club of Kritsa. 9.30pm.

Friday August 7th Agios Nikolaos, Ceremony of delivery of coin collection to the archaeological Museum by the Culture Organization of Agios Nikolaos Municipality.

Saturday August 8th, Kritsa village. Feast with Mizithra Cheese Pies.

Saturday August 8th. Photography Exhibition by Giannis Tzortzis “ Athens- Beijing”.

Sunday August 9th Agios Nikolaos. The Miracle of Anny Sullivan, by William Gibson, with Peggy Trikalioti, directed by Giannis Diamantopoulos. Music by Stamatis Kraounakis. 1st Gymnasium of Agios Nikolaos. 9.30pm.

Tuesday August 11th Agios Nikolaos. “Memoirs from old Greek Cinema, with Dimitris Thrapsaniotis and Neapoli Choir. Lake of Agios Nikolaos. 9.30pm. Free Entrance.

 Wednesday August 12th, Agios Nikoalos. Theatre of Art “Aktis Aeliou” presents the musical play “Ahtarmix”, a musical theatrical play, based on “Acharnis” by Savvopoulos. EOT Beach. 9.30pm. Entrance Fee 10 €

Thursday August 13th, Agios Nikolaos. “Walking on folk notes…”. A folk musical program on Ammos Beach. 9.30pm. Free Entrance.

Thursday August 13th Exo Lakonia village. Concert with Michalis Tzouganakis. Organized by the Cultural Club of Ekso Lakonia. Ekso Lakonia. 10pm. Entrance fee 15 €

Saturday August 15th, Elounda beach. Youth Party at Elounda Beach with famous DJs. Organized by the progressive club of Elounda Beach. Free Entrance.

Sunday August 16th, Agios Nikolaos. Concert with Hainides. EOT beach, 9.30pm.

Tuesday August 18th Kritsa village. Concert of artistic music with Giannis Haroulis. Elementary School of Kritsa. 9.30pm. Entrance fee 12 €

Thursday August 20th, Kitroplateia square in Agios Nikolaos. Rock concert with Miden Agan. Starting at 9.30pm. Free Entrance.

Friday 21st – Saturday 22nd, Limnes village. Raki Fests.

Sunday August 23rd, Agios Nikolaos. Maria Tzombanaki presents and protagonists in Euripides tragedy “Bakches”.

It is probably the most notable tragedy of the great author, the most enigmatic and complex of the ones saved. 22 actors play under the direction of Nikos Charalampous. Costumes and Setting by Giorgos Ziakas and music by Michalis Christodoulidis.

Actors: Michalis Kalampokis, Dimitris Siakaras,Stelios Kaukaridis, Stathis Voutos and more. 1st Gymnasium of Agios Nikolaos. Starting at 9.30pm.

Monday August 24th, Agios Nikolaos. Rock Concert. Greek and foreign songs with Kostis Timpakianakis, Manos Papadakis and their company. Ammos Beach. 9.30pm. Free Entrance.

Thursday August 27th Xirokambou Square. Concert at Evanglistria Xirokambou Square. Organized by the Youth Center Evangelistrias. 9.30pm.

Friday August 28th, Agios Nikolaos. For the first time together Thimios Karakatsanis and Stathis Psaltis present the hilarious Aristophanes’ comedy “Lysistrate”. Lysistrate is Thimios Karakatsanis; the play is directed by him, music is written by Giannis Markopoulos and choreographies by Dimitris Papazoglou.

Except for the two famous comedians, also play: Stathis Kakkavas, Michalis Markatis, Eleftheria Rigou, Haris Emmanouil and 15 more actors. 1st Gymnasium Agios Nikolaos. 9.30pm.

Saturday August 29th, Vrouhas village. St. John Feast

Saturday August 29th, Prina village. Honey Fest.

Sunday August 30th, Agios Nikolaos. Dances from Greece: A Dance show by the Academy of Dance Giannikou – Tamiolaki. Lake of Agios Nikolaos. 9.30pm, Free entrance.

Cultural Events in Agios Nikolaos in September 2009

Thursday September 3rd, Ammos beach. Concert with Nektarios Atsalakis. Ammos Beach, 9.30pm. Free Entrance.

Sunday September 6th, Kitroplateia square in Agios Nikolaos. Cretan evening, with brothers Giorgos and Nikos Vardas. Kitroplateia, 9pm. Free Entrance.

Friday September 11th. Touch Festival – Rhythms.

Monday September 14th, Ano Pines – Ekso Potamoi. Timios Stavros Feast.

Saturday 19th, Agios Nikolaos. Rock – Blues – Soul with the bilingual band “BAD LANGUAGE” . Ammos Beach. 9pm, Free Entrance.

Tuesday September 22nd, Nisi Elounda. St Fokas Feast.

Tuesday September 22nd, Kitroplateia square. Cretan evening with Dimitris Thrapsaniotis’ pupils. Kitroplateia. 9pm. Free Entrance.

Sunday September 27th, Agios Nikolaos lake. International Day of Tourism. The evening will begin with percussion instruments concert from Simpaignia Band: A trip to the rhythms of the most important cultures on earth. The evening will end with Giannis Vardas and Krouthiani. Limni Agios Nikolaos. 8pm. Free Entrance.

Cultural Events in Agios Nikolaos in October 2009

Thursday October 1st. Three days of Logos and Art 2009: A tribute to our great poet Giannis Ritsos. An extended program will be announced before the events.

Sunday October 4th. 26th Pan-Cretan Contest of Literature – Award Ceremony

Saturday October 10th. NAUTE, an exhibition of art by fresh artists. A modern image, thousands of symbols.

Friday October 23rd. Stelios Viskadourakis: A Photography Exhibition “A glance at the shadow and light”.

Cultural Events in Crete for Summer 2009

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