Warnings for travelers to Crete

Warnings for travelers to Crete. New forum to the Explore Crete site with useful information and warnings for travelers in Crete

Teaching your dog not to cry when left alone

Corine was learning her dog Becky not to cry as soon as it was left alone. Teaching your dog wonderful commands such as come here and lie down

Touts in bars and restaurants in Crete

street with bars in crete
Complaints against touts in bars and restaurants in Crete. You will find touts in the most popular tourist destinations in Crete, such as Hersonissos, Rethymnon or the Venetian harbor in Chania

Chalepa in Chania

Chalepa or Halepa is considered a picturesque suburb in Chania. Many artists and politicians were born or lived in Chalepa, like Eleftherios Venizelos and Konstantinos Mitsotakis

Changes in Chalepa

Chalepa in Chania is a small neighborhood with many changes. The complete change of Chalepa from a quiet neighborhood of stately homes has been accomplished and Chalepa has a different personality these days

Crete beaches through the eyes of a child

Crete beaches through the eyes of Kleo, a 10-year-old child. The beaches in Crete are popular with many people including visitors from mainland Greece

Ecotourism and Traditional Guest Houses in Greece

traditional village
Ecotourism and traditional guest houses in Crete and Greece have become popular recently. Ecotourism helps the environment and supports the locals, however the high prices for accommodation in traditional guest houses and hotels in Greece is not according to the spirit of ecotourism

Gazing at the Starry Sky in Crete

The Association of Friends of Astronomy organized an event for the observation of the night sky in Kolymbari on August 6th the night of the full moon

Documentary for the old Olive Trees in Crete

Documentary about the old olive trees in Crete is being filmed by the director M. Tselentakis in an effort of Venerato and other towns to save the historical olive trees