Paintings with old Motorbikes and Cars in Rethymnon

Exhibition of Paintings with Motorbikes and Cars in Rethymnon

painter konstantinos kostoulas showing a motorbike painting

A different but intriguing exhibition took place at the Cultural Centre of Rethymnon last month.

It was an exhibition with paintings of old motorbikes and cars featuring models from the beginning of the 20th century.

The painter is Konstantinos Kostoulas who gave enough pieces of information regarding the models of motorbikes, both old and new, but also about cars, stating:


“I come from Athens but my mother’s origin is from Akoumia in Rethymnon. During the last thirty years that I have been painting, I have presented my work in Greece and abroad.

The last 8 years I have been almost exclusively painting antiques, old motorbikes, as you can see at the paintings mounted on this hospitable area given by the Municipality of Rethymnon until the 23rd of August.

I am very pleased with the Municipality and the response of the local residents and the visitors of the town. This particular kind of painting is bizarre and demands special care and attention. The exhibits are numerous and interesting for all, despite of age – there are young visitors and elder people who remember their nice times.”


painting of a Harley Davidson, US Army Forces, model of 1932
Harley Davidson, US Army Forces, 1932

Among the exhibits were paintings of Harley Davidson models, released in 1932, belonging to the US Army Forces, the first Harley Davidson ever launched in 1903 and a red Crocker, the main rival of Harley Davidson.

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