Protest in Chania against animal tortures by cosmetics industry

protest in chania against animal tortues

Members of the Association “Animal Protection” gathered in downtown Chania and performed a representation of the tortures of animals, which are used in experiments by the cosmetics industry worldwide.

During this happening the tortures and experiments on animals were vividly depicted in a theatrical way, by a woman dressed as an encaged rabbit.

A member of the Animal Friends Association of Chania denoted that they decided to organise with this event in order to inform the local society on the experiments performed on animals for cosmetics.

What is happening is a clear case of consuming paranoia, since millions of animals are tortured, blinded, poisoned and murdered for the purposes of the cosmetics industry, so that we can look prettier.

There are alternative solutions, with cosmetics not tested on animals, and alternative methods of testing the various substances. Therefore, there is no excuse for each one of us buying the cosmetics tested on animals, encouraging thus, the experiments by the companies.

“Chania residents responded to our call, and expressed their interest, while many of them were unaware of the facts and were shocked. Especially the younger girls that use several types of cosmetics were appalled at the thought of animal testing.

We see that people are supportive, but there is not enough information available, which is normal as the cosmetics industry prevents it. It is up to an individual consumer to get information and he has to do so in order to make better and proper choices.

We cannot allow the tortures of animals in the name of beauty”, said the member of the animal friends Association “The Protection of Animals”.

As mentioned in the leaflet distributed by the Association, more than 115.000.000 guinea pigs are used every year globally for age prolonging and beautification purposes. Tens of millions of animals incur electric shocks, burns, poisonings and amputations in Europe and the USA. These experiments are performed on cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters and monkeys.

The Animal Protection Association in Chania deals with all issues related to animal protection. The most important local problem is stray animals but we should not forget all the other problems as well. Our goal is to raise public awareness.

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