The island – TV series about leper colony in Spinalonga

scene from the TV series "To nisi"
The best seller "The Island" by Victoria Hislop has become a Greek TV series about the leper colony on Spinalonga island

Hospice Hostel in Chania Crete

A hospice hostel will begin operating in Chania within 2010, the hospice hostel in Chania will be the first in Crete

Lahanodolmades recipe, the Greek recipe for lahanodolmades avgolemono

Greek recipe for lahanodolmades avgolemono, or staffed cabbage rolls with meat, rice and egg lemon sauce is one of the most popular Greek dishes. How to cook the greek recipe for lahanodolmades with egg lemon sauce

Europe statue in Zakros Crete

The statue of Europe inspired by the director Nikos Koundouros will be presented in Zakros, Crete. The statue of Europe is an artwork intending to denote the strong bonds between Crete and Europe