Cat Cora, a famous cook in Chania

chef Cat Cora

Cat Cora, the famous cook – chef of the American TV, had the chance to taste some Cretan dishes during her visit to the restaurant “Nychterida” and the Manoussakis winery in Chania.

The awarded chef enjoyed a traditional Cretan dinner at the restaurant Nychterida, tasting the creations of the chef of the restaurant Alatsi in Athens, who impressed Cora showing that the traditional Cretan cuisine can also be quite modern.

Cat Cora also tasted one of the most popular desserts catered at the restaurant, made of quince and young white cheese, as well as the forty years’ old sweet wine – liquor, marking a truly successful evening.

Cretan Cuisine, the cuisine of her soul


Cat Cora, the famous chef, visits Greece every year, especially since her origin is from the island of Skopelos, and she calls the Cretan cuisine, “the cuisine of her soul”.

Cat visited Chania for the first time, and after a short walk in the villages and downtown, she visited the Municipal Market and got impressed by the local traditional products and the authentic Cretan cuisine, such as kaltsounia with fennel, “lapathodolmades” and the local cheeses.

As she mentioned, she will try to inform the American audience about the Cretan cuisine, indulging them to the flavors and tastes, which are of course unknown to them.

“I came to Crete and I saw things I have never seen before. I have come to Greece many times, but it’s the first time that I saw so many different things in Chania. Some small things, such as caramelized seeds with sesame, lapathodolmades, fennel pies…

It’s a good chance to inform the Americans about the Cretan diet and cuisine. The cuisine of Chania could even have its own brand name, such as cherry tomatoes from Santorini or the Lesbos ouzo”, she said.

She also promised that she will come back soon to Crete along with a group of chefs, to meet the food particularities of the place.

Who is Cat Cora or Katerina Karagiozi

cat-cora-cookingCat Cora, or else Katerina Karagiozi, comes from Skopelos and is born in Mississippi. Her specialty is the blend of her two favorite tastes, the Greek and South American cuisine. She has also introduced the term “Hellasian”, a mixture of Greek and Asian cuisine.

She has been a successful businesswoman, presenting her first business plan to her parents when she was 15yo. She is the only woman chef who has managed to earn the title “Iron Chef” in the American TV series Iron Chef America.

Cat Cora is in Greece to inaugurate the new program by Deree College presented in Athens these days. The program, lasting for a week, included a visit to Chania, where Cat was hosted by the Manoussaki Winery, the Biolea Olive Oil and Vinolio Creta.

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