Walking around old Heraklion: a look at the neighbourhoods

A glance into the old town of Heraklion with its narrow streets and the once lively neighborhoods

Things we don’t like in Crete

unfinished building in crete
Crete Gazette reader survey exposes our pet peeves

Botis Thalassinos

an interview with Botis thalassinos, the famous painter from Heraklion, Crete. Botis Thalassinos, died on February 2017, at the age of 91

European School in Heraklion

The newly-established School for European Education, an institution for children of parents from the European Union, has opened its doors in Heraklion

Neo Chorio Animals Shelter in Crete

Neo Chorio Animals Shelter in Crete

Hersonissos shop owners register their complaints

Shop owners and shop keepers in Hersonissos, who cater to tourism business and who continually observe the laws and regulations, have denounced those other...

Seafood Tagliatelle

tagliatelle with seafood
 By Sophia KlidiAre you a Grecophile at heart, but this year your budget, or just plain bad judgment, has you planning a vacation in...

Marlene’s Recipe for Baked fish in tomato sauce

fish with tomato sauce
BAKED FISH IN TOMATO SAUCE Take a few fillets of fish - fresh is best but frozen works well too - mackerel or cod, for...

Remembering Britain: see what you’re missing

Remembering Britain: see what you're missing in Crete

Quality of Drinks in Crete

AND 'THE BEAT'... (as in beating the customers) GOES ON AND ON AND... After continued complaints from Athenians about their drinks not tasting right, and...

Mexican Pork Fillets

Fusion cooking, the art of mixing ingredients and preparation styles from different countries and cultures into a uniquely flavourful dish, has been spreading across the globe like wildfire

The Sea-Turtle friends of Mrs Stephania

The sea-turtles of the Aquaworld Aquarium in Hersonissos

Heraklion and Crete in 1965 and 2005

eleftherias square in Heraklion in 1960
Two former US officers who served at the Military Base at Gournes in 1965 visit Crete again in 2005.

The Snakes of Crete

The snakes of Crete, leopard snake, Balkan Whip, Dice and Cat snake

Stellamara concert in Labyrinth in Crete

Stellamara concert in Labyrinth in Houdetsi in Crete

Gardening in Crete in October

A friend of mine, a novice gardener, spent some hours at the garden centre confused by the vast array of plants on offer. At...

Ingrid Magnus, a painter from Norway in Crete

Ingrid Magnus, a painter from Norway in Stalis Crete

Tobruk beach in Heraklion

HAS TOBRUK BEACH BEEN EXTENDED? By Martin Coates". . . Crete , with its miles of unspoilt and secluded beaches . . ."I must...

Tourism in Crete: Good news or bad?

tourism in greece
Owners of local businesses in Gouves talk about the problems of tourism in Crete

Finding Sheila’s Roots in Anogia, Crete

Sheila, a second generation American Greek is looking for her family roots in Crete and finally finds them in Anogia