BioAroma essential oils and wild herbs of Crete and Greece


bioaroma cretan herbs and essential oilsBioAroma is a recently established unit producing organic essential oils, created by wild herbs of Crete and other regions in Greece.

Wild herbs are collected from mountains and plains, or are cultivated using modern distillery methods to captivate the aroma and beneficial capabilities of herbs.

Bio Aroma is situated in Agios Nikolaos on the island of Crete and features a very well appointed site open to the public, as there is a park and museum of Cretan herbs and ethereal oils on site.

Bioaroma also features a very attractive e-shop where you can find herbs, essential oils, rose and bloom waters, mixtures of essential oils and crèmes or liniments made of honeycomb and bee wax.

Check the website of Bioaroma herbs and essential oils for additional information and the list of products on sale.

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