About the Crete Gazette website

Crete Gazette was published online for the first time on January 2005 as part of the ExploreCrete.com website. Later, on September 2005 the CreteGazette.com website was launched.

Crete Gazette was also printed and sent for free to various towns in Crete until 2008. Since then, it is available online only.

In October 2014, the website was redesigned and it became responsive, able to show properly on any screen size.

Questions and Answers

What is the purpose of the Crete Gazette?

To inform and educate those who wish to learn more about Crete. To entertain its readers.

Is there room for more people in your team?

Sure there is. What we want to achieve with Crete Gazette is to give the opportunity to as many people as possible to join us and help us maintain and improve this website.

Crete is not only its beautiful landscapes or its history, but most of all, it is its people. The people who know Crete and love it for its special beauty and energy. It doesn’t matter if these people live in Crete or dream of living here soon. If there is love and the wish to talk about it, then you are most welcome to join us. None of us is a professional publisher, editor or journalist but we all share the same enthusiasm and devotion.

Do you offer a fee for columnists?

Not at the moment. Crete Gazette is at its first steps and it cannot afford to pay writers. All people in our team are volunteers. If, however, we have a profit from this project, we will share it with the people who work with us.

What is the relationship of Crete Gazette with the ExploreCrete.com website?

ExploreCrete.com is the mother site of CreteGazette.com, and a reference travel guide about Crete. Both sites are owned and updated by the same man, Yannis Samatas. Yannis created ExploreCrete.com many years ago (1998) and he has been updating and improving it ever since.

Crete Gazette includes news and articles about Crete and hopefully, it will become a bridge between the native and the foreign community of Crete. Yannis hopes to see ExploreCrete and Crete Gazette becoming the meeting place and the voice of all friends of Crete, local and international.

ExploreCrete and Crete Gazette do not have clear borderlines because there is no need for such. They co-operate closely and they use common sub-sections like the Forums, Mailing List and the Classified ads. The development of separate systems for each website should be a waste of valuable time and energy.

How can I help Crete Gazette?

There are many ways that you can help us:

  1. By writing for the Crete Gazette. It doesn’t have to be a monthly commitment, you can send us one or 1000 articles. We will read them carefully and if they are appropriate for the newspaper, then we will have them published.
  2. By letting other people know about the Crete Gazette.
  3. By placing a link to it on your website
  4. By printing it and sharing it with other people who do not have an Internet connection.
  5. By any other way that we haven’t thought of yet. Please contact us and give us your suggestions.
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