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crete-sites-blogsCrete on the Web includes selected sites and blogs about Crete. The purpose of “Crete on the Web” is to inform you about interesting blog posts or articles about Crete.

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Greek Names

greek names

What do the Greek names mean? Where do they come from? Heroes and mythological creatures, saints and martyrs, ancient Greece and Christianity

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Greek Salad Recipes and Souvlaki Recipes

greek salad and souvlaki recipesTwo new blogs by Artkreta (Crete Gazette is owned by Artkreta) with recipes for Greek salad and Greek souvlaki. Join us to a tasty and imaginative trip to Greece and its cuisine, through Greek Salad Recipes and Souvlaki Recipes in all possible forms, variations, colours and names!

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Greek Music and Greek Songs

A new blog about Greek Music and Greek Songs. The blog is new, but hopefully in a few months there will be many Greek songs and articles about Greek music in it.

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Blog for Santorini

santoriniSantorini has been closely related to Crete for a few thousand years now; even the most important archaeological site in Santorini, the Minoan Town of Akrotiri, was created by Cretan colonists…..

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Blog for Heraklion

heraklion, koulesThe blog of contains interesting and useful pieces of information about Heraklion and Crete. Reading through its posts and pages, you can find interesting details about the city of Heraklion….

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safeline greek hotline for cyber crimeSafeLine is a Greek hotline that accepts reports and information regarding websites and groups found online that seem to breach international and national laws.

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bioaroma creteBioAroma is a recently established unit producing organic essential oils, created by wild herbs of Crete and other regions in Greece.

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Kaitlin’s trip to Crete

a trip to creteKaitlin’s blog is a fun and unpretentious description of her trip to Crete in April 2009. Kaitlin left England and flew to Athens and then to Crete…

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Rizitika by Nikos Xylouris and Giannis Markopoulos

rizitika by xylouris and markopoulosNikos Xylouris and Giannis Markopoulos are two significant figures for the Greeks and particularly for the Cretans. In 1971 they created an album, called Rizitika, …

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The Battle of Pink Hill in Crete, 1941, by Graham Power

battle of pink hill in creteRay has created his own blog about Crete and his latest blog post is about the book “The Battle of Pink Hill in Crete, 1941” by Graham Power, ….

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Lyra player Efstratios Kalogeridis

cretan lyra player kalogeridisThe creation of the Cretan lyra player Efstratios Kalogeridis, entitled “Kondylies anameiktes me Askomadoura”, is the latest subject of the blog post created by “excavatedshellac”…

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Bitter Bulbs in Greek Cuisine

bitter bulbs in greek cuisineAglaia Kremezi writes an enjoyable article about bitter bulbs (volvoi) and the Greek Cuisine. According to the author, Greeks and Italians are probably the only people who enjoy bitter foods…

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