Concert of the Rainbow Choir in the Cave of Milatos

Concert of the Rainbow Choir and the Crete Protestants Church in the Cave of Milatos

Germans choose Crete and Rhodes

The most popular Greek destination for German tourists is Crete

Crete News August 2006 – Page 4

The Mayor and people of Heraklion clean up the beaches, a Cretan in the British Police, Princes in Crete

Cretan Waters Flow in Seaquarium in Florida

When the Miami Seaquarium in the United States re-opened this month, it was with the

Crete News August 2006 – Page 2

Pensioners at 75 in Greece, Fishing port at Plakias, Greek ferryboats full, Kavoussi excavation - Impressive archaeological finds in East Crete

Crete News August 2006 – Page 1

Samaria Gorge: 14-year-old injured by falling rock, Museum in Gortyn or Gortys in Messara, Seeking traces of the Minoans in the Sea of Crete

Crete summer events, Zephirus Festival in Crete, Dreria festival in east...

Crete Summer Events 2006, Zephirus Theatre Festival in Nopigia in western Crete, Dreria 2006 festival in Neapolis in eastern Crete, Evangelical Mass in Heraklion

My initiation in a Cretan kitchen

meat with potato chips
BY CORA GREENHILL‘The guests are supplying their own sheeps, thank God!’Marguerite was struggling to procure sufficient staff for the wedding - or was it...

The Mediterranean Monk Seal

How the Motorways of the Sea will affect the Mediterranean Monk Seal

Importing my car to Greece

customs control
Procedures for importing your car to Greece