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The Mayor and people of Heraklion clean up the beaches

The Mayor of Heraklion, municipal staff, politicians, old people’s associations, the Environmental Protection Association of Heraklion Prefecture and many children cleaned up the beaches of Heraklion on World Environment Day.

Nature and the environment are everybody’s responsibility, as the Mayor of Heraklion Yannis Kourakis stressed yesterday. The Mayor remarked that people draw the necessary means of survival from nature and that nature in turn provides us with a framework in which to organize our lives. “But nature demands respect, because it avenges itself on those who exploit it unwisely and waste its sources of wealth. Today, modern technology with the possibilities it offers, overpopulation and, above all, the insatiable thirst for profit have disturbed man’s relationship to nature. There are particularly acute problems which must be faced through global vigilance and coordinated action”, he stressed.

“We all have a responsibility to join the fight to protect the environment and we must do our duty. The Municipality of Heraklion has developed a series of initiatives for the protection of the environment. We ask the citizens and public bodies to aid us in this effort, so that out city can become cleaner, more comfortable and more liveable day by day, because we must not forget that this city belongs to all of us”, he concluded.

A Cretan in the British Police

A Cretan serving in the British police force took part in the search in Greece and Britain for Steven Cook, who disappeared in Malia last summer. The Cretan officer in question is 33-year-old Giorgos Vlastos, from the south of Heraklion Prefecture. He studied tourism in England and worked in the tourism sector for several years before joining the British police a year and a half ago. He is married to an Englishwoman and they have one child. Giorgos Vlastos has often served as an interpreter between Crete and Britain, while he took active part in information gathering in Heraklion.

The disappearance of Steven Cook

20-year-old Steven Cook was on holiday in Crete when he disappeared in the early hours of 1 September 2005. His whereabouts remain unknown in spite of strenuous efforts to find him by his relatives, the Greek and British police.
A few days ago a British police team came to Crete again to announce a reward of 7000 euros to anyone providing substantial information on the case. Police sources say that in spite of the reward offered by the family of the missing man and extensive publicity, there has still been no important information which would aid the work of the British police. The investigation is continuing and British police will probably visit the island again in the near future, especially if any new information comes to light.

Princes in Crete

Crete has once again been visited by the rich and famous, seeking a few moments of relaxation in the island’s resorts. Five Saudi Arabian princes arrived at Heraklion Airport from Damascus under strict security. The VIPs came to Crete accompanied by 15 members of staff and bodyguards to guard their every step. As soon as they arrived, they were whisked off in luxury cars to the tourist resort of Elounda, to a hotel which had begun preparations for their arrival well in advance.

The “blue-blooded” Saudi Arabians stayed in super-luxury suites with all mod cons, were taken on guided tours of the island’s beauty spots, ate at the most expensive restaurants and spent substantial amounts on presents and souvenirs.

However they are not the only VIPs to visit Crete. Many wealthy businessmen, stars and super-rich Arabs have stayed at the island’s resorts.

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