Agios Yakinthos, the saint of love in Crete and the Yakinthia...

Agios Yakinthos is the Orthodox St Valentine, Agios Yakinthos became widely known when Loudovikos of Anogia started organising the Yakinthia Festival in Crete each year

Spaying and Neutering Dogs

Spaying and neutering even prevents the dogs from some sorts of cancers. In Greece most street dogs breed and have puppies without any control from their owners

The Honey Mountain

An English beekeeper visits a mountain in Greece where fifty thousand hives have been brought by the people of Crete for the honey flow

Greek Noses unappreciated in Greece

Greek nose is used to describe noses that are straight from the top to the botton, when viewed from profile. Despite having given the name to one of the most popular nose shapes, many Greeks seem to dislike their own. Over 15,000 plastic surgeries are performed each year in Greece, with nose jobs being the most popular type of cosmetic intervention in Greece

Greek Real Estate Market Today

The Greek real estate market today is safe and stable. This is actually the best time to buy real estate in Greece because banks in Greece offer low interest rates on housing loans and the demand for real estate in Greece remains high

Rethymnon Carnival 2009

The 2009 Rethymnon Carnival is dedicated to Water, the most precious element in nature. The Carnival begins on 6 February, with a festive event held in Rethymnon almost every day.

A song for Heraklion by Miltos Paschalidis

A song for Heraklion is the song “Fifth Lion” which was written by Miltos Paschalidis during his years as a mathematics student in Heraklion. The fifth lion is a reference to the famous Four Lions of the Venetian Morosini Fountain of Heraklion