Greek Mother and Daughter, an amusing conversation

Amusing Conversation of a Greek Mother and Daughter, read the funny conversation between a Greek mother and her daughter on the telephone

The traditional Greek Mother

The traditional Greek Mother is like a broody hen who smothers her young in wings of care, love, overprotection and oppression

Greek mother, the role of the Greek woman and mother today

Who is the Greek mother today? What is the role of the Greek woman - mother today and how does she bring her children up?

Greek Women in Numbers

greek woman holding greek flag
Greek women comprise 50% of a total population of 11 million. There are just 108 more women than men in Greece according to 2007 statistics. There are 1,700,000 housewives in Greece and Greek women are usually the ones who do the housework

Under 2 million tourists in Crete in 2009

Fewer than 2,000,000 tourists are expected to visit Crete in 2009. The huge drop in charter flights to Crete translates into losses of many millions of euros

Souda Carnival in Crete

The Souda Carnival was celebrated in a festive frenzy of fun, with a grand parade with 10 floats and carnival-goers young and old. The Souda Carnival was back after a 10-year break