Greek Mother and Daughter, an amusing conversation

The phone rings. The Greek Mother picks it up and the following conversation ensues.

Greek Mother: Hello?
Daughter: Hi Mum. Can you look after the children for me tonight?

Greek Mother: Are you going out?
Daughter: Yes.

Greek Mother: Who with?
Daughter: A friend.

Greek Mother: I just can’t understand why you left your husband. Such a nice boy!
Daughter: I didn’t leave him, he left me!

Greek Mother: You let him leave you, and now you go out with just anyone.
Daughter: I don’t go out with just anyone. Can I bring the kids round?

Greek Mother: I never left you to go out with anyone but your father.
Daughter: Yes, but you did lots of things I don’t.

Greek Mother: Now what are you hinting at?
Daughter: Nothing. I just want to know if you can look after the kids tonight.

Greek Mother: Are you going to spend the night with him? What will you husband say when he finds out?

Daughter: You mean my ex-husband! I don’t think he’ll be bothered, I doubt he’s slept alone since he left!

Greek Mother: So you’re going to sleep over at this loser’s house?
Daughter: He’s not a loser.

Greek Mother: Any man who goes out with a divorced woman with children is a loser and a parasite.
Daughter: Look, I’m not going to discuss it. Can I bring the kids over or not?

Greek Mother: Poor children, with a mother like that…
Daughter: What do you mean, a mother like that?

Greek Mother: With no stability… Huh, that’s why your husband left you…
Daughter: Can you hear yourself? You’re impossible! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Greek Mother: Don’t you shout at me! I bet that’s how you shout at that loser, too!
Daughter: Oh, so now you’re worried about the loser?

Greek Mother: Aha, you see, you admit he’s a loser. I knew it!
Daughter: I’m hanging up, Mum.

Greek Mother: Hold on love! Don’t hang up! What time are you bringing the children round?
Daughter: I’m not bringing them round and I’m not going out, the way you’ve been driving me round the bend!

Greek Mother: But love, if you never go out, how are you going to meet a nice young man?

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