Chinese sell olive oil called Sitia

A Chinese company has tried to market and sell some kind of Chinese olive oil with the name Sitia, which refers to high quality oil produced in the Sitia region of Crete

Saving the ancient Olive Trees in Crete

The cultural association of Venerato in Crete has started registering the olive trees in the region, trying to save them. It has also launched a campaign to inform the locals and residents on the historical value of olive trees

Sun and Sea attract tourists to Crete

pictures of crete
Sun and sea are the two main symbols of Greece; the same diptych dominates Crete as well, attracting thousands of tourists every year. The majority of tourists spend their holidays in Crete for the sun and the sea, while a much smaller percentage prefers Crete due to its historical and archaeological wealth

Car Thefts in Greece

Car thefts in Greece are not an uncommon phenomenon. During the last decade, more than 200,000 car thefts took place in Greece. According to the police, three cars are stolen every one hour in Greece

Homeless in Greece

Homeless in Greece exist in abundance. Athens and Piraeus have the 45% of the total sum of homeless in Greece, although many other cities, such as Heraklion and Chania in Crete seem to have a great deal of homeless people recently.

Properties in Greece remain unsold

Properties in Greece remain unsold and this has an impact on the property prices as well. Especially in Crete, the purchase of holiday properties is reduced by 50-55% in comparison with last few years, while the 37% of the new built houses remain unsold

Elephants and Hippos in Katharo Plateau in Crete

14.000 years ago hippos and elephants were living on the island of Crete in the plateau of Katharo. Elephants and Hippos moved to Crete during the ice age 540,000 years ago from the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece. In Crete, the hippos found a huge land, free of other big mammals and they reached the plateua of Katharo in Lassithi

Panagia (Virgin Mary) and the olive tree in the lives of...

The olive Tree and Panagia (Virgin Mary), the importance of Virgin Mary and the olive trees in the lives of Greeks abroad. The icon of Panagia is a sacred and much honoured symbol of the Greek religion and tradition. The olive tree is a symbol of wealth, wisdom and mental peace for the Greeks