Saving the ancient Olive Trees in Crete

Save the ancient Olive Trees in Crete

olive treesThe cultural association of Venerato in Crete has started registering the olive trees in the region, trying to save them.

It has also launched a campaign to inform the locals and residents on the historical value of these trees. Most of them date back to previous centuries, but are being ruined by the newest generations.

At the same time, the association organizes small excursions in the country, where kids from the region write on the selected trees the word SOS.

The cultural association of Venerato seeks cooperation with other associations in Crete, to save the olive orchards on the island. Many associations have already launched similar campaigns, acknowledging the value of the olive trees for the region. Cooperation is needed though, to achieve better results, through a more coordinated plan of actions.

According to the Association of Venerato, the Cretan associations will organize excursions to register all the trees and then inform their owners on the need of their preservation. If for some reason, the owner needs to cut the marked trees, then the municipality should be obliged to root out the tree and re-plant it in another, safer, area. The association aims at the creation of historical parks in Crete.

The collaboration of local associations can result in the creation of a network which will be working on the salvation and preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of Crete. The preservation of the trees is the absolute priority for now. The association plans, in coordination with local professional photographers, to organize exhibitions on the olive orchards of Crete; the exhibitions will move to any place of the country and be used as a means of promotion of the famous Cretan olive oil.

What made the association act like that? According to statistics and facts, Crete has lost a great part of its natural monuments, mostly due to land hungry individuals, the establishment of building plots, and the construction of new roads. Many land owners, also, need to cut down these trees in order to invest in more lucrative means of agricultural production.

The association is trying to respond to the several needs of land owners, asking for the officials and municipalities to intervene, in efforts to to preserve and save this important part of Cretan culture.

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