The park in Agioi Apostoloi, Chania

It’s a nice, sunny day in April. In Agioi Apostoloi in Crete numerous locals of all ages run around the park, enjoying the lovely natural habitat. Mothers with their small kids and baby strollers take some rest and try to catch their breaths, sitting on benches. The beach volley court is thronged by young people who spend their day on the beach enjoying their favorite sport. A little further, several racquetball lovers make you believe that it is a typical summer day in Chania.

agioi apostoloi park near chania

The park in Agioi Apostoloi is a popular sport venue in Chania, a place for the locals to come and enjoy their favourite sports along with friends, take leisurely strolls, jog or swim in the sea.

For many people playing rackets or beach volley is an activity that helps them relax and unwind from the bustling rhythms of their everyday life. Fitness and exercising is a hobby, a hack value.

It is also becoming increasingly more popular among youngsters and more mature residents of the area, who finally acknowledge the benefits of a more active life. Some of them suggest that exercising has rid them of many potential health problems and indicate that whoever misses the chance to exercise in this area will sooner or later regret it ; the park in Agioi Apostoloi is a unique environment and setting for sports.

tenis court in Agioi Apostoloi park

The area boasts one of the best beach volley courts in Greece; it is maintained and managed by the local association and attracts numerous amateur athletes daily. Locals denote that it would be great to prevent cars from entering this area, allowing people to walk and exercise freely. An open setting is much more beneficial than a secluded gym; just being outside, breathing in the clean and crisp air while exercising, makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

One of the locals and lovers of healthy lifestyle worries about the adolescents who smoke and do not exercise, probably imitating their parents. Most of them will regret their choices much later in life, when it will already be late.

Many upgrades and enhancements have taken place in the area the past few years. The park in Agioi Apostoloi is set amidst lush woodland and greenery, and is a perfect location for outdoor activities. However, the municipality aspires to the creation of ideal conditions for all locals.

The park in Agioi Apostoloi remains quite vivid and active even during evening hours, when all stores are closed. How could it be different in the most important recreational area near the city of Chania?

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