Car Thefts in Greece

car theftCar thefts in Greece are not an uncommon phenomenon; on the contrary, it seems that lately, the number of car thefts has significantly increased. According to the police, three cars are stolen every one hour. During the last decade, more than 200,000 car thefts took place in Greece, and 86,000 of those cases were actually resolved, while 130,00 people were arrested.

According to the statistics from 2008, the removal of parts or other elements of the car is the most common incident when it comes to car thefts (almost 19,100 cases). The good news is that 43% of the cases are resolved, and the owners find their cars eventually. What is most important for them though is the condition of the vehicle, once found. Some of the owners are lucky, since the thieves use the cars as a means of transport and do not remove any objects; for the majority of them, though, the found vehicle is either destroyed or significantly ‘lighter.’ Fifty-six per cent of the vehicles stolen are motorcycles.

This calls for some action, mostly from the part of the owners, who need to protect their vehicles. It is known that if someone wants a particular car, he will steal it. What is crucial, though, is to prevent the non professionals, the ones who want to have fun or just test their luck and technique. The harder and more time consuming an attempt is, the bigger the chances to save the vehicle, as most thieves will not persist, if there are some security measures taken, or if they cannot remove the car fast and easy. If the owners make it hard for them, they will probably prevent the amateurs, who are numerous, from stealing.

What can a car owner do? First of all, keeping the car in a garage is the best choice. If this is not possible, the use of anti- theft systems is mandatory. Locks, alarms, anti theft GPS systems and location devices can prove to be very useful. Owners should always try to park their cars at well lighted areas. Having the car insured, in a case of theft, is also a very good idea.

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