Students from Chania at the European Council in Strasbourg

Students from high schools in Chania travelled to Strasbourg and participated in the Euroscola program organized by the European Council.

2009 Cristmas Bazaar in Hersonissos

The women of Hersonissos invite you to the 2009 Christmas Bazaar in Hersonissos which will take place on Sunday December 13th at 4pm.

Free Camping in Crete

Free camping in Crete and Greece is synonymous to enjoying nature. Is free camping in Crete and Greece good or harmful for nature?

Christmas Holidays in Greece

santa claus and map of greece
Greek Christmas Guide about Christmas holidays in Greece, Christmas traditions in Greece regarding the customs of the Christmas day, New Year day and the Epiphany

Recipe for Greek lamb fricassee

Lamb Fricassee or Arni Fricassee is a tasty Greek recipe with lamb and vegetables

Greek Name Days on Christmas, New Year Day and Epiphany

agios ioannis
Greek Namedays on Christmas, New Year day and Epiphany in Greece. The name day of Christos and Christina is on Christmas day, Manolis and Emmanouella on December 26, Vassilis on 1st January, Fotis on the Epiphany day and Giannis on January 7

Protest in Chania against animal tortures by cosmetics industry

Protest in Chania against animal tortures by the cosmetics industry. The protest was organized by members of the association for the protection of animals who performed a representation of the tortures of animals by the cosmetics industry

Shepherds feast in Zoniana Crete

Shepherds feast in Zoniana Crete is an initiative of the locals who wish to denote their region and customs. Zoniana is a historical mountainous village in Central Crete

Swine Flu in Greece

Swine Flu in Greece in the end of 2009, the vaccine for the Swine Flu and the reactions of Greek people.