The first meeting for the creation of the first Formula 1 racetrack in Greece was held at Heraklion Prefecture

A drunken British tourist is alleged to have pushed his girlfriend out of a hotel window in Stalis.

55% of Greek consumers have been on a diet this year and tried to lose weight not through a healthy diet and exercise, but by artificial means offered by weight-loss institutes

Realization of three major Heraklion road projects

eleftherias square in heraklion
In a few months' time, Eleftherias Square in Heraklion will have a new look

Music award for Evanthia Reboutsika

Program of the Rethymnon Carnival 2007

A day in Tymbaki and Pitsidia in southern Crete

Souvlaki shops in Heraklion town centre never close, feeding locals and tourists 24/7 with tasty souvlaki and gyros

Christmas Bazaar in Hersonissos, free dance courses in Heraklion, evangelical mass in German language in Heraklion

poster for film El Greco
Dozens of Cretans and Heraklion residents were called upon to play minor parts in the film

The breast cancer vaccine offered at Heraklion University Hospital for the past four years increased patients' chances of survival.

Coronary disease has become a scourge for Cretans. According to Dr George Kochiadakis, head of the Invasive Cardiology Clinic of Heraklion University Hospital, coronary disease is found in 70% of patients submitted to a angiocardiogram in Crete

Boomer is our Cretan dog and he came into our life in 2006 when we found our new dog in a small town in Crete. It was love at first sight between this four-months-old dog and me

The autumn rains in October and November were destructive in Crete, especially in Almirida, Kalives, Zaros and Viannos

Overgrazing has ravaged the mountains of Crete and measures must be taken in order to prevent the desertification of our land

Cases of patients with thyroid cancer in Crete have increased worryingly in recent years