Overgrazing is turning the mountain pastures of Crete into a desert

Overgrazing has ravaged the mountains of Crete and measures must be taken in order to prevent the desertification of our land. The subject was discussed at the Fifth Panhellenic Pasturage Conference held in Heraklion.

The title of the conference was “Pasturage in Arid Regions”, such as Crete. Interesting papers and proposals were put forward for dealing with the “ravaging” of the environment by overgrazing and fires.

The latest results of the pasturage study carried out in Greece were also provided, while the impact of overgrazing, fires and irregular management on biodiversity, desertification and the ecological condition of meadowland was analysed. Integrated meadow management and improvement systems with a focus on sustainability and the protection of local wildlife were also presented.

The organizers stated the hope that the proposals made at the conference will form the basis of future rational management and protection of Cretan pastures and help to solve their major problems.

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