Breast Cancer Vaccine

Biology to beat breast cancer

The breast cancer vaccine offered at Heraklion University Hospital for the past four years increases patients’ chances of survival. However, no one can yet offer hope of a full cure, said the scientists taking part in the 14th Postgraduate Clinical Oncology Conference held at Hersonissos.

There were also papers on the role of chemotherapy in prostate cancer, the progress made in experimental prostate chemotherapy and new technologies used in treatment of chronic pain.

Until today, the treatment of cancer patients has been determined mainly by the type of tumour and the stage of the disease. Based on the new data, however, molecular and genetic analysis of tumours seems to be leading to safer conclusions for the choice of the appropriate treatment, with a better treatment result.

Today, breast cancer patients can benefit significantly from tissue and genetic analysis of the tumour in order to choose the appropriate treatment. Patients may receive a supplementary treatment of a monoclonal antibody, which dramatically reduces the chance of metastasis. Genetic analysis can also help select the correct treatment of secondary lung cancer patients. It has been proven that patients presenting mutations in a receptor molecule on the surface of cancer cells can be treated with a new oral biological drug with very good results.

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