Heraklion Cultural Events 2009

logo of heraklion city
Cultural events at Heraklion for the summer 2009. The schedule of cultural events at Heraklion insummer 2009 is characterized by quality of shows hosted

Azogires, the X-Files village in Crete

Azogires, the X-Files village in Crete. Azogires is known for its supernatural occurrences, like haunted houses, flying cows, the 98 holy fathers that became doves after their death, the naiades pool in Azogires

Chania Cultural Events 2009

theater in chania
Chania Cultural Events 2009. The programme of the concerts, the theatrical performances and the exhibitionts performed in Chania for the summer 2009

Cultural Events in Ierapetra 2009

Cultural Events in Ierapetra, Kyrveia 2009. Read the programme for the cultural events Kyrveia 2009 that take place in Ierapetra and other villages in the area

International Photo Meeting in Crete

In the International Photo Meeting in Heraklion Crete participated 120 acclaimed photographers from 30 countries. During the Photomeeting Sessions a large exhibition took place at the Basilica of St Mark in Heraklion, an exhibition of 25 awarded Cretan Photographers

Cultural Events in Kato Zakros, Xirokambos and Makrigialos, 2009

Cultural Events in Kato Zakros, Xirokambos and Makrigialos for the summer 2009. Cultural Events are organized by Lefki Municipality, which includes the villages Xirokampos, Zakros and Kato Zakros, Handras, Goudouras and Etia

Palaikastro Cultural Events Drireia 2009

location of Palaikastro on map of Crete
Palaikastro cultural events, Drireia 2009. Local fairs and events organized by the cultural clubs in Palaikastro and other villages in Palaikastro Municipality

Sea Turtle Caretta – Caretta saved by fisherman in Chania

A Caretta – Caretta sea turtle was saved by a fisherman in Chania, Crete. Caretta - Caretta is a threatened species of sea turtles in the Meditteranean Sea and it nests in Crete

Cultural Events in Sitia 2009

Cultural Events in Sitia, Kornareia 2009. Read the program of cultural events in Sitia Municipality, Kornareia 2009, that includes musical and theatrical events

Agios Nikolaos Summer Events 2009

Agios Nikolaos cultural events for the summer 2009. Read the programme for the cultural events Lato 2009 that take place in Agios Nikolaos and other villages near Agios Nikolaos