Cultural Events in Sitia 2009

Cultural Events at Sitia – Kornareia 2009

The program of cultural events at Sitia, Kornareia 2009, that includes musical and theatrical events, was recently published.

The main and most important event this year was the International Scientific Convention about the great poet from Sitia, Vitsentzos Kornaros, with the title “Erotokritos’ World”, with the occasion of 456 years from his birth. Unfortunately this event took place in Sitia in July, but it was announced too late, therefore we didn’t have enough time to include it in July’s issue.

Here you will find the cultural events that will take place in Sitia and the surrounding villages from August 2009 and on.

Cultural Events at Sitia in August 2009

Monday, August 3rd – Tourloti village. 1949-2009, 60 years of music. The Philharmonic Orchestra of Sitia is celebrating and presents a trip into notes and melodies. Free Entrance.

Monday 3rd – 9th of August – Sitia – Municipal Garden. “Women Create”, an exhibition of useful and artistic objects.

Wednesday 5th of August – Kazarma Fortress in Sitia. Concert with the lyra player Michalis Tzouganakis. Entrance Fee 18 €, Starting at 9.30pm.

Thursday 6th of August – Ekso Mouliana village. Traditional Feast.

Thursday 6th of August – Tourloti village. Celebration for the Fullmoon, starting at 9.30pm

Friday 7th of August – Piskokefalo village. 60 years of music with The Philharmonic Orchestra of Sitia. Free entrance.

Friday 7th of August – Lastros village. Theatrical Play, o “Simigdalenios”. Free Entrance. Starting at 9.30pm.

Saturday 8th of August – Achladia village. Traditional Feast.

Saturday 8th of August – Tourloti village. 11th Cretan tournament of backgammon.

Saturday 8th of August – Kazarma Fortress in Sitia. Theatrical play, the “Miracle of Anny Sullivan” by William Gibson, with Peggy Trikalioti. Entrance Fee 22 €, Children- Student fee 17 €. Starting at 9.30pm.

Monday 10th of August – Tourloti village: “Of my eyes, eyes”.

Tuesday 12th – 13th of August – Kazarma Fortress in Sitia. Theatrical Play, “Simidgalenios” by A. Adamopoulos. Entrance fee 10 €, Student 8 €, Student 5€ Starting at 9.30pm.

Friday 14th of August – Maronia village. Traditional Feast.

Friday 14th of August – Panagia Faneromeni Skopis. Traditional Feast.

Saturday 15th of August – Tourloti village. Traditional Feast.

Saturday 15th of August – Sitanos village. Traditional Feast.

Saturday 15th of August – Lastros village. Traditional Feast.

Monday 17th of August – Tourloti village. Concert with Giannis Haroulis. Entrance fee 15 €.

Thursday 20th of August – Kazarma Fortress in Sitia. Concert with the Hainides music group. Entrance fee 15 €. Starting at 9.30pm

Saturday, 22nd of August – Myrsini village. “August Night”.

Tuesday 25th of August – Kazarma Fortress in Sitia. Concert with the Onirama music group. Entrance fee 20 €, Sudent 15 €. Starting at 9.30pm.

Wednesday 26th of August – Kazarma Fortress in Sitia. Event of Logos and Music with Dr. Giorgos Grammatikakis. “Conversations with light” is professor’s Giorgos Grammatikakis’ journey to the biggest recent discoveries in Astronomy. Starting at 9.30pm

Saturday, 29th of August – Daphne village. Traditional Feast.

Monday, 31st of August – Sitia Public Tennis Courts. Pan-Hellenic Men Tennis Championship 2009.

Cultural Events in Crete for Summer 2009

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