Palaikastro Cultural Events Drireia 2009

Local fairs and events organized by the cultural clubs in Palaikastro and other villages in Palaikastro Municipality.

For those who do not know where Palaikastro is, we remind that it is situated at the Eastern part of Crete, and it’s the last village before the Palm Forest of Vai, close to Toplou Monastery. If you want to go to Palaikastro, you will take the road to Sitia.

Cultural Events at Palaikastro, August 2009

August 6th, Zakros: The Fair of Jesus Christ at Zakros organized by the local Cultural Club.

August 15th, Palaikastro: Traditional Feast from the Cultural Club of Palaikastro.

August 16th, Zakros: Cultural event by the Cultural Club in Zakros and the Greek Speleological Union about the caves of the region.

August 19th, Etia village: Concert with Kyriakos Gouventas at Etia Castle at 9pm. Music and songs from all over Greece by the well-known violinist Kyriakos Gouventas. Thodoris Mermigkas, Aris Dinas and Solon Lekas will be accompanying him. The concert will be co-organized by the Municipality of Lefki and the Company of Arts and Literature of Eastern Crete.

August 23rd, Palaikastron: A concert with Sokratis Sinopoulos and Perikles Papapetropoulos. Katerina Papadopoulou singing. Lute and lyra. Music and songs from Constantinople, Greece and the Balkans, as well as new compositions.location of Palaikastro on map of Crete

August 26th, Palaikastro: Young children taking guitar classes with Eleni Perinou, will present their work in a concert held at the yard of the Elementary School at 9pm.


Cultural Events in Crete for Summer 2009

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