Greek Songs and Greek Music

Greek Songs and Greek Music is a new website with articles about Greek Music, Greek composers and Greek singers, as well as Greek songs with lyrics in English

Greek Salad Recipes and Souvlaki Recipes

Souvlaki recipes and Greek salad recipes. A tasty and imaginative trip to Greece and its cuisine, through Greek salad recipes and Souvlaki recipes in all possible forms, variations, colours and names

Greek Names – Know more about them

Greek Names is a blog that aims at collecting popular or less common names you can find in Greece. The blog gives information about Greek names etymology and Greek name days

The Battle of Pink Hill in Crete

The Battle of Pink Hill in Crete, 1941 is one of the most dramatic moments in Cretan and international history. The book - The Battle of Pink Hill in Crete, by Graham Power - presents an unconventional side of the battle of Crete

Efstratios Kalogeridis Cretan Lyra Player

The Cretan lyra player Efstratios Kalogeridis, presents a CD of Cretan music entitled, Kondylies anameiktes me Askomadoura

Bitter Bulbs in Greek Cuisine

Bitter bulbs in Greek cuisine by Aglaia Kremezi is an article presents a recipe of lentils with hyacinth bulbs (bitter bulbs) cooked in Crete and Greece. Greeks have always considered that herbs and bulbs can contribute to their libido, being aphrodisiac foods

BioAroma essential oils and wild herbs of Crete and Greece

BioAroma is producing organic essential oils, created by wild herbs of Crete and other regions in Greece. Bio Aroma is situated in Agios Nikolaos on the island of Crete and features a park and museum of Cretan herbs and ethereal oils

A blog for Santorini

An interesting blog for Santorini created by a local car hire company

Crete on the web

Crete on the Web includes selected sites and posts from blogs about Crete

Safeline is fighting Cyber Crime

SafeLine is a Greek hotline fighting cyber crime. Safeline accepts reports and information regarding websites and groups that breach international and national laws in Greece.

Rizitika by Nikos Xylouris and Giannis Markopoulos

Rizitika by Nikos Xylouris and Giannis Markopoulos. In 1971 Nikos Xylouris and Giannis Markopoulos created the album Rizitika. The word Rizitika comes from the Greek word rizes which means roots

Kaitlin’s trip to Crete

Kaitlin's trip to Crete is a fun post on Kaitlin’s blog that presents her trip to Crete in April 2009

Heraklion Airport Car Hire

Heraklion Airport Car Hire blog contains interesting and important pieces of information about Heraklion and Crete
Crete Gazette
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