Efstratios Kalogeridis Cretan Lyra Player

Cretan lyra player Efstratios Kalogeridis

cretan lyra player kalogeridis eftratiosThe creation of the Cretan lyra player Efstratios Kalogeridis, entitled “Kondylies anameiktes me Askomadoura“, is the latest subject of the blog post created by “excavatedshellac”.

The author and blogger is impressed by the variety and diversity of Greek music and presents a CD of Cretan music created by a renowned Cretan Lyra player and composer who was born two centuries ago.

The CD is an intense depiction of the famous Cretan music, featuring numerous instruments, but above all, the distinctive bagpipe and lyra, the symbols of the Cretan music for many centuries now.

As the player improvises, the listener has the chance to absorb the strength and the passion of the Cretan music. The CD is released now in the US as well and is available for the expats in several Greek stores of the country.

Here is an interesting video of bagpipe in Cretan music:

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