The Battle of Pink Hill in Crete

The Battle of Pink Hill in Crete, 1941, by Graham Power

battle of pink hill in CreteRay has created his own blog about Crete and his latest blog post is about the book “The Battle of Pink Hill in Crete, 1941″ by Graham Power, which refers to one of the most dramatic moments in Cretan and international history, the 12-day struggle on the island of Crete, where more than 670 Kiwis were killed.

The book presents an unconventional side of the Battle of Crete, denoting some of the details and stories that were either omitted or ignored by media.

Graham Power visited the island of Crete trying to connect to the land where the battle between the allied forces and the German Elite Paratroopers during the Second World War took place.

Power was determined to tell the story so he found veterans who participated in the battles and he created his book after careful and meticulous research.

If you want to know more about this chapter of the history of Crete, visit the official site for the Battle of Pink Hill:

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