Greek Salad Recipes and Souvlaki Recipes

vegetables for greek saladsExcept for website building as you knew it till today, the Artkreta company (Crete Gazette is owned by Artkreta) decided to expand its activities on a new subject: food!

Therefore, finding Katia, a willing volunteer and good cook, we decided to subject her to experimental dieting with Greek Salads and Souvlaki for several months, until we run out of recipes, or Katia gets fed up with us and leaves us.

Thankfully, given the quality and standards of Greek food and diet, we won’t have to deal with lawsuits associated with our experiments.

greek souvlakiWhen focusing a little bit harder on the issue, we wonder whether it is possible to run out of recipes for Greek salads and souvlaki?

If they have survived from the ancient times, and still keep getting enriched and renewed after all these centuries, can we – and do we have any right, after all – to stop the course of history?

What if, when it seems that all possibilities are exhausted, Katia gets a sudden boost of culinary creativity? You never really know with passionate chefs!!!

After all, Greek cuisine is all about creativity, imagination, passion and above all about love. When you make any kind of dish – let alone Greek salads or souvlaki – with the right amount of that ingredient (love), you can never go wrong and you can’t lose your zest for more.

It’s not mentioned in any salad or souvlaki recipe so maybe you are wondering now what is the right amount of that magic ingredient in the Greek cuisine? What we know (Katia told us!) is that the more love you add, the more memorable plate and mouthwatering tastes you get.

Join us to a tasty and imaginative trip to Greece and its cuisine, through and in all possible forms, variations, colours and names!

NOTE (2017). Unfortunately these websites are no longer online!

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